Getting Started

Getting Started with Bruno


No requirement for using Bruno. It installs via download (opens in a new tab), but also comes packaged for the main distributions:

  • Linux: snap, apt
  • macOS: Homebrew
  • Windows: Chocolatey or Scoop

Creating your first collection

You can create a collection by selecting Create Collection from the home screen or the top left corner of the app. A popup dialog will appear, asking you to name your collection and choose its location in the file system. You can also choose to edit the generated folder's name.

create collection dialog

Select Create and ... Congratulations! You have successfully created your first collection into Bruno!

Creating your first request

Select your newly created collection from the sidebar, and click on the ··· button followed by New Request in the dropdown menu.

A dialog will appear, asking you choose the type of your request (HTTP, GraphQL, or from cURL), the name of your request, the HTTP verb and the URL.

create request dialog

Fill in the details and click Create. You have successfully created your first request in Bruno!
Feel free to add headers, query parameters, and a request body to your request, or play around with the other options available.